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Sometimes, college can feel overwhelming. As someone taking a full course load, working two jobs, and pursuing an honors thesis, free time is something I don’t see a lot of. One way I’m able to cut down on stress is by working jobs that I enjoy. You might be thinking: enjoying your jobs? Impossible! Well, I was able to find two on-campus jobs that help me pursue my goals and balance my schedule while still managing to have fun at work. 

As someone who started college back in 2020, it was hard to feel connected to the BSU community. Coming into my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to be more involved on campus and find a job in the Bridgewater area (we all have to pay for college somehow!). When I heard that the Center for Student Engagement was hiring for positions at the RSU information desk, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been working as an RSU building manager since the Fall 2021 semester, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Working this job has allowed me to meet so many students and faculty members that I never would have known otherwise. Even President Clark has to stop by the RSU info desk from time to time!  

I found my second on-campus position through a professor. He knew that I was interested in working with English language learners after I graduate, and recommended I apply to be a tutor with Second Language Services in the Academic Achievement Center. I started this position in the spring of 2022 and find it to be the perfect fit. As someone who intends to be a high school teacher, getting to practice my teaching skills is an incredible opportunity. And, because all employees are students here at BSU, on-campus jobs often have more flexible schedules than other job opportunities. It’s also much easier to swap shifts and get coverage than those dreaded camp counselor positions we’ve all considered applying for at some point. So, if you’re considering applying for an on-campus job, go ahead and submit that application. Keep an eye on in the coming weeks, and good luck with those resumes! 

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