Aidan Mordas Completes Path of Achievements

As we close out the 2022-2023 academic school year, there’s one Bear that we at The Comment felt truly needed to be featured in print. Aidan Mordas (he/him), our Student Government Association (SGA) president, is graduating in a few weeks, leaving behind a wonderful legacy for his fellow students and friends.

Entering BSU as a freshman in Fall 2019, Mordas has been a participant in multiple campus organizations, such as SGA, Phi Kappa Theta, the Council of Queer Student Leaders (CQSL), National Residence Hall Honorary, Fraternity and Sorority Life Council, Order of Omega, and Interfraternity Council. 

Having worked his way through SGA as a senator, parliamentarian, vice-president, Mordas was elected as our SGA president for his final year. 

“So I joined SGA…to help advocate for the student body, to listen to the concerns of people who didn’t have that voice, and like, necessarily didn’t have the time to…I knew I had the time and…passion to go out and advocate.” expressed Mordas.

Deciding to come to BSU mainly for the honors program, he could not be more pleased with the memories that he has made here, and the friends that he has gained. Notably, Artie Universe (they/them) was a huge influence on him and his involvement at the university, becoming one of his closest friends.

Mordas was proud to share the growth he has experienced at BSU, through both his general demeanor and social presence to become more comfortable with expressing his sexuality. “I am pretty proud of my sexuality…I assume most people know I’m gay, but like, if people are like ‘hey, like what’s your sexuality?’ I’ll say it.”

As a history major, Mordas is looking to pursue higher education upon graduation and continue to support his school through a new initiative that he is working on with administration.

“I also plan to work with Carrie Kulick Clark, who is the president of the Alumni Association, to start the Young Alumni Council which I think would be really cool.” Mordas explained, “I don’t have a ton of information yet, but I think the plan is to make it something where, from the time you graduate until you turn thirty-five, you become part of the Young Alumni Council, and there’s events and stuff like that. So like, maybe there’s a networking event in Boston, maybe there’s a day at Six Flags, or maybe there’s an event at Bridgewater.”

When asked whether or not he is worried about graduating, Mordas thought about it and eventually said, “…it hasn’t hit me yet, I don’t think. I… stood in my room actually the other day, when it was April 1, ironically enough, and I was standing in the corner and I was like, in a month like this will be empty and…I will never have a dorm again.”

“I think telling shy 18 year old Aidan that everything’s going to be okay…I think that journey of self discovery, I think it’s very important to me, and I definitely tell him to just wait it out because it gets better” Mordas stated when thinking about his younger self.

On behalf of The Comment, we would like to thank Aidan Mordas for his work at BSU, and for the light that he has brought to our campus, and our hearts.

“It’s been a pleasure.”

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