Norah Forte, BSU’s Resident President!

Are you a resident on campus? A resident assistant (RA)? Maybe a new student looking for a cool organization to join? Well then, you’re in luck because the President of the Residence Hall Association (RHA), Norah Forte (she/her) is here!

Forte, who is a junior, has been a huge presence within the Bridgewater State University (BSU) community since she started in Fall 2020. She has had roles in numerous organizations, such as being an RA in Dinardo Hall, the vice president of recruitment for the American Cancer Society, a Bear Captain with the Center for Student Engagement, an orientation team leader, and a peer educator for health promotion in the Wellness Center. 

“I love it, it’s…given me so much character growth in my time here at BSU. It has shaped me into the person I am and has given me a lot of skills…It’s given me so many connections and opened so many doors for me to get involved in other things!” Forte explained when asked if she enjoyed being an RA.

Despite this being her first year as the president of RHA, she’s very excited and feeling good about how the year has gone so far, and even more elated to see what the future will hold for her organizations. This is also the first year that RHA is bringing back the family fun event, Haunted Halls, since COVID shut down most in-person campus activities. 

A Halloween trick-or-treat event put on by RHA for the children in the area, Woodward Hall hosts, and children are able to collect candy within the dorm and then participate in games operated by student volunteers!

Having not attended this event before, Forte is incredibly excited to experience it, and hopes that many students volunteer to run the games for the kids!

“RHA means a lot to me. It was definitely my first involvement here at Bridgewater, and I want to see it grow and succeed,” she said, fondly. She also owes a lot to her personal mentors, her first RA, and her floormate from last year, and believes them to have had the most significant impact on her life.

Although it took a lot of deliberation, Forte is now firmly a communications major with a management minor, and plans to pursue a career in higher education upon graduation. 

“I call myself a communicator all the time, I just like to talk,” Forte joked.

Although she had originally wanted to attend a different school, she knows now that BSU was the path she was meant to take all along, explaining that “when this wasn’t my first choice, I was being super stubborn. I was like, oh, I’m gonna transfer out of here in two years, but I can’t imagine going anywhere else other than here. This place is most definitely my home.” 

With a multitude of accolades that just keep piling up, The Comment has no doubts that Norah Forte will become a well known-name, regardless of the path that she chooses to go down. We wish her the best of luck in her presidency, and hope to see more RHA events with the Forte stamp of approval!

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