Love Letter to Tilly

If someone asked me to choose between ECC, Crimson, or Bear’s Den as my favorite BSU dining hall, I would adamantly absolutely refuse to answer. 

Despite now living on East Campus, I am a Scottie all the way. Freshman year was all about where I go to get food as quickly as possible, while also eating a well-balanced meal. 

For me that option is, always was, and will always be, Tilly.

Not only is Tilly (a.k.a Flynn Dining Hall) physically nicer than the other dining halls, it also has significantly better food. Which is weird, since it’s the same company and food that is at ECC. There’s just something about the atmosphere of the place. It reminds me of spending the day studying during a snowstorm with a cup of hot chocolate, cozied up in a nice wooden chair surrounded by warm red walls.

I’ve only been able to eat at Tilly once since it reopened, but the second I walked in, it was like a blast from the past. I got a plate from the International Cuisine station, filled my cup with lemonade, and took a seat at a wonderful wooden table. 

And it was delicious!! 

The rice was actually fully cooked, the squash didn’t taste funny, and the chicken wasn’t pink at all. It was just as good as I remembered it. 

The only complaint I could have against the lovely Tilly is this: it’s not open enough!! 

As the only other meal swipe dining hall, it should be open on the weekends and in the mornings. Especially for students who live on West Campus, who only have Park Ave. and Natural! available to them in the mornings. And on the weekends all students are forced to go to ECC because it is quite literally the only option for them if they don’t want to spend actual money and have an abundance of meal swipes.

Plus, Tilly’s breakfast is phenomenal. 

All in all, I couldn’t be happier that Tilly is back, and if it leaves again, I will definitely sob.

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