Bridgewater’s Best: Joshua Joseph

The Comment is proud to begin our student profiles for the semester with an award winning member of our community. 


A recent recipient of the 29 Who Shine, a program founded by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Joshua Joseph (he/him) will be graduating this semester, and let us be the first to say that he will definitely be missed. 

While Joseph has been at the university since 2017, it was during the past two years that he began to get involved on campus. Rushing for Sigma Chi, becoming their treasurer. Joining the Student Government Association (SGA), becoming their treasurer. 

“Something I feel proud about in SGA would have to be…getting the Pass/No-Pass Policy. It was when I was a senator though, but that was key because there were a lot of students that were struggling, especially during COVID…70% of our students are commuters,” Joseph explained, “and not being able to come on campus or have in person classes, meant a lot of students were struggling.”

With this long list of money-managing positions, Joseph’s founding of the Bridgewater Collegiate Investors (which he fondly refers to as the Investment Club) is of no surprise. This organization is student-run, and due to the seriousness of the groups activities, students must actually interview to join the group. 

“I wanted to look for more experience, especially on campus, but we didn’t have an investment club. So I kind of took the initiative and wanted to create something that would not just benefit me, but benefit the students,” said Joseph.

Not only does this group create a community for students, as it also gives them experience in working with finances. Many members have found their job interviews to go very well when the organization is brought up!

Joseph was also one of the first students to participate in the virtual online internship program, having completed remote internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Dublin, Ireland. Carol Crosby, associate director of BSU’s Internship Program Office, was more than happy to speak to her experience with him.

“Josh came to the Internship Program Office in his junior year. He had yet to gain experience in finance and wanted to know what he could do to get that experience. He struck me as a quiet but motivated student and open to new experiences.” Crosby said, “I have found Josh to be an incredible ally for our office, sending multiple students to us for individualized support in finding internships.”

“There’s this quote,” Joseph started, “I don’t know who said the quote, but I always saw it. It was like, ‘take the risk or lose the chance’. That’s definitely a big one to me.”

Joseph is a great role model for any student, because he shows them that no matter where you are in your life you can still change and evolve, or get involved. 28 students may shine, but BSU’s Joshua Joseph dazzles.

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