Future Oscar Predictions (Foolish Edition)

While some might say it’s incredibly early to be predicting the next Academy Awards winners when this year’s show just happened, but I think this time around it’s a special case. The 96th annual Academy Awards, once again hosted by “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel (He/Him), will be unlike any other because it’ll be graced with the presence of Madame Web. […]

Dune: Part Two Is Fantastic

Like an oasis among the dunes, Dune: Part 2 shines brightly amongst the sea of releases in March. Our generation’s Empire Strikes Back has finally come with the release of this film; a sequel that improves greatly upon it’s original in nearly every sense. Denis Villenueve (he/him) has put his heart and soul into this film, […]

Madame Web Is Something Else

Well, it was at least funny. Not exactly when it’s supposed to be funny, but it certainly had me laughing. From the trailers and how other Sony Pictures films made in association with Marvel have gone, this film didn’t stand a chance. From the acting, to the cinematography, and the editing, there overall isn’t that […]

The Best Shows To Binge

When there’s not much to do in a day, one of the best pastimes to take part in has to be binge-watching. Though, I’ll be one to admit: finding the right show to commit to can be really tough. No one wants to dedicate their day off to a show that in the end wasn’t […]

Thanksgiving and Dry Turkey Have Something In Common

As someone who can adore campy horror and rough around the edges films, I was incredibly disappointed by Eli Roth’s (he/him) newest horror film to hit the market: Thanksgiving. While littered with Massachusetts humor, i.e. our driving, and accents throughout, it wasn’t enough with the handful of jokes that simply didn’t land for myself. Much of […]

Napoleon Is A Great Historical Epic

When it comes to film genres, the historical epic isn’t considered to be the most interesting to myself, however Napoleon is a different case. While an excellent epic, it has faced some controversy over historical accuracy. In an article by the New Yorker, a historian had been cited pointing out various inaccuracies in the trailer of the […]

Killers Of The Flower Moon Is Phenomenal

Both phenomenal and absolutely devastating, Martin Scorsese’s (he/him) Killers Of The Flower Moon can only be describe as a stellar film. Of his other works, no other has the amount of bite as this one. Adapted from the book of a similar name, “Killers Of The Flower Moon: The Osage Murders And The Birth Of […]

An Assembled Review of The Creator

Following suit of the recent trend of more original new films is Gareth Edwards’ (he/him) The Creator, which, while following plenty of sci-fi tropes, is a small breath of fresh air for films. It was pleasant to see a new sci-fi film in theaters that isn’t tied to a previously established piece of media, and feels […]