The Best Shows To Binge

When there’s not much to do in a day, one of the best pastimes to take part in has to be binge-watching. Though, I’ll be one to admit: finding the right show to commit to can be really tough. No one wants to dedicate their day off to a show that in the end wasn’t very worth it. So, here’s some shows that are sure to not disappoint.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: The OfficeFriends, Community, and Breaking Bad are all solid choices to binge, but at this point most people are likely to have seen at least one of them one time now. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t watch them if you haven’t, but I don’t have to get into detail since I’m sure you know someone that can recommend at least one of these shows.

Now, if you’re looking for something that’s a good mix of comedy, commentary, and violence, then The Boys (found on Amazon Prime) is a very solid show to start watching. It’s the best time to start binging too, with the latest fourth season planned to come out at some point this year, you’ll have the chance to catch up while not having to wait long to get your fix of more. It’s a show with an excellent cast of characters, including one played by my favorite nepo-baby Jack Quaid (he/him), and just filled with some great satire on the celebrity world, it’s just here they’re replaced with killer superheroes. Speaking of which, not the lightest show, you’ll some heavy violence if that’s not your thing, then the next show might be a better choice.

If you want to feel any bit better about your cooking ability, then Worst Cooks In America (found on Max, Hulu, or Discovery Plus) is a great choice cause you’ll be laughing at just how bad it can get. My recommendation is to watch the first episode of the latest season to get a taste of the show see if it’s your thing that you’d like to dive into. While the episodes are somewhat long, I couldn’t even register how long that first episode was because I was just in utter awe of some of the contestants’ cooking ability, like I couldn’t believe it.

Honorable mentions that I can’t get into detail for but you should certainly check out are Barry (Max), Peacemaker (Max), and Love Death + Robots (Netflix). Each of these shows aren’t giant commitments with their short seasons but feature excellent stories, with Barry specifically having an amazing story arc.

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