New Organizations on Campus

Many students across campus consistently look forward to participating in the wide variety of clubs offered here at Bridgewater State University- and maybe even in holding a leadership position in a few! Recently, many clubs submitted their new constitutions and got approved as official clubs on campus! Included in these organizations are Anthropology Club, History Club, and the Council of Queer Student Leaders.

To be able to become a Registered Student Organization, you first have to reach out to the Center for Student Engagement to submit a letter to the Student Government Association (SGA) stating your intent to become a student organization on campus.

“Technically, all organizations are considered aspiring student organizations, until they submit a formal constitution to Policy Board,” said Lex Anzalone, a senior and the Parliamentarian of SGA.

Policy Board is one of the Boards of SGA that is made up of senators. The Parliamentarian chairs review Constitutions for approval.

“They will be assigned a CSE Advisor, or graduate assistant,” she said. After being assigned this advisor, the Aspiring Student Organization has three months to submit their constitution.

The process was “swift and with very few issues,” said Harrison Carter, the President of the History Club.

Carter made sure to thank the members of policy board for being there to speak about the issues with their constitution and communicating how to fix them.

“We were approved by policy board on Wednesday, then on to the next meeting (which is what I meant by Swift),” he said.

If you are interested in learning more about different organizations on campus, log on to Engage BSU at If you are interested in learning more about how to get Aspiring Student Organization status, visit the Center for Student Engagement in the Rondileau Student Union in room 104.

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