TJ Scalese Dives Into Victory!

Homecoming is one of the most exciting and coveted events that Bridgewater State University (BSU) has to offer. It is also among Program Counsel’s largest endeavors to plan, with the inclusion of Spirit Week, leading up to the big day – there was even a hot air balloon during Spirit Night! One of the most popular traditions of BSU Homecoming is the Homecoming Pageant, where a group of seniors are chosen to compete against each other to win the title of Homecoming Champion. Although eight seniors competed this year, there could ultimately be only one champion!

“I always wanted to be on the homecoming court, ever since my first year at BSU. I could always see myself on stage, showing off my BSU Pride. But when it came down to it, I was extremely nervous, and I almost didn’t do it,” said Senior TJ Scalese (He/Him), who took the title of Homecoming Champion (and the crown) that was announced on Homecoming Day in the Crimson Dining and Student Lounge.

Scalese stated that he felt as though his time at BSU prepared him to compete in the pageant. “The memories I have made, the things I’ve gotten to experience, and the people I have met, have all led to who I am today, so I thank everyone in my journey for being there for me.”

Not only is he the Homecoming Champion, but Scalese has also created many memories throughout the different roles he has held on campus. Resident Assistant, a Student Orientation Leader, the Vice President of Marketing for the American Cancer Society, the Hype Marketing Coordinator for Program Counsel as well as an athlete on BSU’s Swim and Dive Team. With this said, leadership skills aren’t the only thing that TJ can brag about in his life outside of college: he can now proudly state that he performs an award-winning lip sync to “Freak the Freak Out” from the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

Scalese is so passionate about his involvement that he even dressed up as the Moriarty Pool during the Homecoming Pageant costume portion!

“Right before each of the categories, I would stand in the hallway with a massive weight in my stomach and chest. I was scared and nervous. But as soon as I stepped through the doors and heard the cheering of my peers, my friends and most importantly, my mother and father, I knew everything was going to be okay, and I made sure I left it all on the stage.”  Scalese expressed that he knew that if he did not go out on the stage to compete in the next round, he would regret it.

With this said – he didn’t disappoint! This victory has turned into a core memory for TJ Scalese, and he wanted to make sure his fellow Bears knew it.

“I thank everyone in my journey for being there for me.”

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