The Review of BoJack Horseman: Series Finale

Spoiler Alert Ahead!!– On January 31st, Netflix released the last final episodes of BoJack Horseman. I honestly love the ending of the show. Throughout each episode, it reveals what each character learns from one another and how it helped them to become the person they changed at the end. I am extremely satisfied with the results of the characters that I had love/hate relationships within the show. I would recommend this show to anyone because of the messages the creators expose in every character, especially BoJack. This can influence the audience about certain situations that can be relatable to everyone. My favorite message it reflects is that no one is perfect. I believe that some people would ignore an individual that made a mistake in their past and it is not right to judge people based solely off of their mistakes. BoJack was the character to present this message throughout the show and teaches the audience that we can overcome our fears to accept and forgive the person. The messages in this show are important for people to realize that everybody is going through their own problem and try to create a better version of themselves.

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