The Review Of BoJack Horseman

SPOILERS AHEAD: BoJack Horseman came back for its sixth season on Netflix, presenting the reality of being a celebrity. BoJack was in a television show back in the 90s and was extremely famous, everyone loved him, but everything changes. After the show gets canceled, BoJack moves away from the eye of society, making him depressed. I became hooked to the show because I can understand why BoJack acted the way he does during the five seasons. This season got very interesting. When it starts off, BoJack believes his life needs a new change so he goes to rehab. He is still the same but has a change of heart for the people in his past. His past has crept up to him in this season. I felt this season went into a deeper meaning of how the past can come back and bite you. The show overall teaches the audience about reality, but this season has kept me speechless because of this theme especially. Besides the main character, the other cast went through life changes of their own. The first half of the season was perfect, and I am extremely excited for second half. I leave you with my favorite line from BoJack: “I NEED YOU TO TELL ME THAT I’M A GOOD PERSON.”


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