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2000s Nostalgia Night – A Review

BSU’s Program Council hosted a “2000s Nostalgia Night” on Thursday, September 28th from 8:00pm-10:00pm. The moment students crossed the threshold of the Dunn Conference Suite, a wave of the 2000s engulfed them, bringing back the unmistakable shimmer of reminiscence into their eyes.

The air was effervescent with the fizzy notes of Crush sodas and Root Beer, and the tang of Little Hug Fruit Barrels. For many, the drinks alone were a passport to the past, with each sip unraveling memories. If the drinks weren’t enough, the treats were sure to be: Smarties, bubble gum, and an assorted Snack Mix.

The ambiance, too, was meticulously crafted to mirror the vibrancy of the 2000s. Laser lights lit the room while 2000s music provided a rhythmic backdrop to the evening. With glow sticks, mood rings, duct tape for crafting wallets, looming kits, and origami, the night was sprinkled with activities that were irresistibly engaging.

For those with a competitive streak, myself included, the event resurrected classic games like Hungry Hungry Hippos, Barrel of Monkeys, Let’s Go Fishing, Operation, Beyblades, and mini skateboards, each invoking childlike joy and rivalry. Let’s just say, you don’t know competition until you have played Operation with the seriousness and precision only a 20-year-old could muster.

Throughout the night, attendees were given the chance to win 2000s-themed prizes such as a Lisa Frank coloring book or a Magic 8 Ball. Each prize was not just an object, but a fragment of the past.

Exiting the event, with a temporary tattoo, scratch-off drawing, duct tape bookmark, and slinky in hand, attendees couldn’t help but feel a tender tug at their hearts. The event was not just fun, but a bridge connecting the present to a past of innocence and wonder.

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