Student Opinion on Dining Halls at BSU

As most students have settled into the dining hall food after being home for break or transferring to BSU, The Comment interviewed students at Flynn and East Campus Commons dining hall to see what students think of BSU’s food.  East Campus Commons, the largest dining hall on campus, is open typically from 7:30 am to 8:00 […]

Fashion Trends at BSU

Keeping up with recent fashion trends? As fashion trends come and go, there have been popular trends here on the BSU campus. To dive into some of these recent trends and what students think of them, The Comment interviewed students about what they noticed around campus and how they felt about them.  “I noticed a lot […]

Christmas Commercialization

It’s December now. Almost the end of the year. We just had Thanksgiving. Except, Thanksgiving is basically Christmas Eve Eve. Mariah Carrey has thawed from the ice and Christmas songs are blasting on the radio. Some may see this immediate switch to Christmas time as corny or annoying but as a person raised on Christmas, […]

Students React to BSU Snapchat and YikYak

Two social media applications that have proven integral in keeping college students connected are Snapchat and YikYak. Once enrolled at BSU, students can add their school email to Snapchat and post freely on the joint class story. Since no admin is observing the story and it’s an unofficial BSU social media, students have free reign […]