Christmas Commercialization

It’s December now. Almost the end of the year. We just had Thanksgiving. Except, Thanksgiving is basically Christmas Eve Eve. Mariah Carrey has thawed from the ice and Christmas songs are blasting on the radio. Some may see this immediate switch to Christmas time as corny or annoying but as a person raised on Christmas, this is beating my seasonal depression. 

There are so many ‘girl treats’ I can have during this season. The minute Dunkin had a variety of seasonal flavors, I bought one. My dining dollars will be gone just from the Dunkin in ECC alone. I know when I go home, my mom will have already bought some type of Christmas cookie from Market Basket. My family’s Christmas Eve – so much food that I will only have on that day every year. 

Christmas decorations will slowly start to cover houses and light up the streets. I’m able to start shopping for my family and friends and receive gifts back. The best feeling growing up was putting together an outfit for the first day of school from vacation, of just the clothes gifted to me. Someone asks, “Are those new shoes?”, “Yup, Santa got them for me.”

The older I got, the more Christmas felt weird. Working a clothing retail job on Black Friday changed me. The devastating 12 hour shift full of angry mothers in the Old Navy is something I could never face again. 

Once Capitalism hit me in the face, everything clicked. Seasonal drinks are only sold to make money. Black Friday events are only to make money. The design for the modern Santa Claus was literally made for a Coke ad in the 1940s! Most places don’t care about Christmas joy!

At the end of day, I will still stream Mariah Carrey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”, buy fun drinks from Dunkin, and go Black Friday shopping. Capitalism has won me over every November and December – and it still will.

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