Chaos from a BSU First Year

The first week as a college student can be intimidating. Not only did I move in with a stranger, I had to walk around campus at least four times to roughly learn the layout and faced the battle of the dining halls. Then of course, the dreaded heatwave New England decided to have the first week of classes… 

Knowing the chaotic nature of my mother and boyfriend, it took roughly four hours to move me into my dorm between the three of us. The final step before I kicked them out was to build my shelf which included using my metal travel coffee mug as a hammer. Then I had that iconic awkward moment when your family leaves your room: ‘okay, so what now?’. 

The next battle was to socialize as much as possible. I attended every Crimson Days event, mandatory or not. The same conversion of ‘What’s your major? Where are you from?’ cycled around at least twenty times a day. I may forget everyone’s majors, but at least I met people! If students actually attended the events, maybe they would make friends too! 

My first day of classes wasn’t too shabby. Although I only had one class, I had to brave the infamous sea of lost people in Burnell/Hart/Moakley. Where does one end and the next begin? Who knows.

I found my class fifteen minutes before it started, knowing that this may be the only day I’ll be on time. I walked in, looked at the board and the professor had ALREADY started the lesson! I sat down quickly and prepared, and just as I settled, class ended. I then realized that I walked into his previous class… 

I feel like this may be a canon event, similar to the canon event of the first fire alarm going off during the first week. Here’s the kicker though: the rain. Of all times the fire alarms could have gone off, at night in the pouring rain? How lovely! It certainly has set an interesting tone for the start of my first year, and strangely its interesting in the best way possible!


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