Bear Bites is Bussin!

With the loss of Tillinghast Hall this year, the iconic dining hall lovingly referred to as “Tilly” has left BSU, and more importantly, the West side of campus, wondering what the school will do as a temporary replacement. The addition of the BSU food truck, Bear Bites, located around RSU has been a great solution! The wide variety of options and ever rotating menus have succeeded in making everyone on campus a frequent visitor.

 The option to pay in either dining dollars, flex dollars, or a meal swipe has also been a success for the truck. This choice allows students to pay with whatever they have more of on their connect card and space out swipes and dollars for the rest of the semester. 

A popular meal at the truck is the steak tip combo, as it became a hit early on in the second semester for students. After visiting the truck myself to see what the hype was about, I discovered that the “Ash Steak tip Combo” was all they claimed and more. Bold-tasting steak with your choice of two sides for a meal swipe? Say no more.

Other choices include more international options, such as a loaded nacho plate with everything from ground beef, Pico de Galo, avocado, and more. Staying south of the border, Bear Bites also offers carnitas. The Korean fried chicken sandwich is another popular menu item that students orders frequently. 

Vegan options can also be seen throughout the small menu with vegan nachos, ramen bowls with tofu (chicken or beef available as well for a non-vegan option), and chili cauliflower. After having a delicious dinner, students also have the opportunity order some great dessert to finish off their food truck experience. The funnel cake fries taste amazing with chocolate sauce, and are a favorite here at The Comment during editing nights!

The diversity of payment, predictable hours, and awesome menu have made the Bear Bites food truck a “tasty hit” around campus. With the uncertainty of Tilly going forward, and the lack of meal swipe options specifically on the West side, there is potentially a long-term position for the food truck here at BSU. The rotating menu will keep students consistently returning to the front of RSU where they can expect a great meal that fits anyone’s dining needs. The Bear Bites food truck has been a great addition to BSU dining and I, along with many others, hope to see it around campus for the long term!

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