5 Reasons To Love Jujubee

Recently Program Council announced that the host for the upcoming Drag Show on March 23rd will be Jujubee! I am here to share the gospel on why Jujubee is one of the best Drag performers to ever exist. Basically in a form of a BuzzFeed list, here are 5 reasons to love Jujubee.

1 She is from Boston

That is right, give it up for a home town hero! Jujubee grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts and studied at Umass Amherst. Although she does not preform at many local bars now, she was our first Boston Queen to appear on the National Television series Rupaul’s Drag Race Way back in season 2.

2 She is a Mentor

Often referred to as one of the best queens to appear on drag race, Jujubee has also been one of the Queens to put others in drag in two of the series’ spins offs. She appeared as a mentor in DragU and a Queen Supreme in Secret Celerity Drag Race as she helped put people in drag for the first time and shared her love of drag. Also, she has helped many brides on their wedding day staring in TLC’s Drag Me Down The Aisle.

3 She is Funny

Jujubee will always be the queen of the read winning the mini challenge every time she competed in it. Many queens fear the wrath of Jujubee’s reads with many of her read being considered the best. To quote just one of them “Great you’re here so now we have to change the name to Rupaul’s Drag Race Some Stars.”

4 She can sing

Showing off her talents first in All Starts 5, Jujubee gave us a live singing of her song “Don’t Wanna Love”. After that it has only been up hill with the release of her album Good Juju.


SO what if Jujubee is one of my favorite queens of all time. When did this become an interrogation on me? Every time the world is blessed with Juju on our TV screens I get so excited with the amount of talent that we are going to see. From her mall drag to top tier looks, from the reads to the stealer comedic performances, to their drunk lip syncs in season two, who won’t love Jujubee!

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