2022 Homecoming Court Preview

Each year during the homecoming celebrations Bridgewater State University elects a group of seniors to their homecoming court. These seniors are judged based on a multitude of competitions including spirit, dancing, lip-syncing, and a talent show. They will duke it out to earn the title of homecoming champion at a pageant Thursday, September 29th in the RSU Ballroom.

Senior, Angelie Castor, a member of this year’s homecoming court says “I decided to use to be on the homecoming court because I wanted to create representation. I wanted to share my culture, background, and personality with the BSU community while promoting school spirit. I love being a Haitian BSU student and want to showcase that.” They are excited to show off their talent and be themselves during the pageant. “I think I have the potential to bring people together and bring a significant cultural asset to this school.” says Castor on why they believe they would make a great homecoming champion.

Mariah Porter, class of 2022, won the competition in 2021 and was more than happy to reminisce with us!

“My favorite part was being able to meet so many alumni from so many different years and being able to hear their BSU stories!” This past year she has been spreading her love for Bridgewater State University and advocating for the students here. To the new competitors, Porter offers some words of advice: “Believe in yourself! Don’t compare what you are doing to your fellow competitors. Don’t overthink it. I did not have a script when I did my talent, I just spoke from my heart, and it was very successful.”

The application to be selected to the homecoming court includes questions about “how you show your BSU pride at school.…It also asks you why you want to be a member of the homecoming court.” says BSU senior Hanna August. August is one of two Program Council Fall Traditions Coordinator this year.

The pageant includes an opening number where each member of the court is introduced. There is a costume show where the students dress up in their best BSU gear. “Then we have a talent portion where each member of the court picks what they want to show off to everybody on the BSU campus, this can be anything from lip syncing to dancing or anything they can come up with themselves,” says August. In the final round the judges ask the court different questions about who they are, what campus means to them and what it means to be a BSU student.

August says, “The pageant is a tradition that BSU has had for a long time, and it is worth it to come and see. It is amazing to see how dedicated the 10 court members are to putting on their best and it’s wonderful to see them in this element where they are truly themselves up on stage. It is really a worthwhile experience to see.” Hanna August hopes to keep this BSU tradition alive for many years to come. More information about the pageant can be found on Engage BSU.

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