What Did You Get on Wordle?

Every single morning, usually before I even leave my bed, I have three tasks: Wordle, Connections, and the Mini Crossword. Every. Single. Day. I am what you might consider a burnt-out former “gifted kid,” which basically means I crave academic validation, and I was that kid in high school who got upset over getting a 99 on a test (I am so sorry for all of the scales that I broke. My bad!).

These three games determine how good of a day I will have. I can have an off day in one game, but if my Mini is over one minute, the Wordle takes more than four guesses, I make a mistake in the Connections, or worst case scenario I don’t even get the Wordle or Connections, then the day has been ruined before it can even truly begin. 

There is nothing better than that feeling of sending your 23-second Mini Crossword time to your friends’ NYT Games group chat and having them literally call you a crossword god and declare that you are “unbeatable.” 

These games are truly a gift for all of us burnt-out former gifted kids. If you crave academic validation the way I do, then get back into that NYT Game grind! 

If you are looking for even more of a challenge, I recommend doing other spin-offs of the NYT Games like the Dordle, Quordle, etc. Film fans will love Framed and Moviedle. Pokémon fans will love Pokedoku. There is a game for every single person out there. 

What better way is there to start your day than a series of games that you allow to determine how well your day will go!! (BTW, my scores from yesterday: Wordle in 3, Connections Perfect, and the Mini in 24 seconds!) 

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