Glowing Thoughts on Lighting the Way

Recently, Bridgewater State University Theater presented Lighting the Way, a series of short plays examining the current climate crisis. This topical show was wonderfully chosen and brought to life by BSU Theater to illuminate ways to solve or combat the ongoing climate crisis. Lighting the Way could not be more timely, and I commend BSU Theater for choosing this collection of shows to put on, despite the heavy topics it discusses.  

The way the show presented the topics it handled was terrific; it was not too down on the world, or too “doomsday-ish,” it was empowering and thought-provoking and I hope other BSU community members came away with those same feelings that I did.  

My personal favorite moment was one of the few times the whole cast gathered on stage. They performed a stomp routine, which truly set the tone for the rest of the night, it was clear the rest of the audience members felt a similar way as it was performed.  

Throughout the night the audience was filled with gasps and murmurs and they responded very well to the performances the actors were putting on, which gave the show a feeling of comradery between audience members and the actors, as we are all facing this climate crisis together. I can not get over the incredible performances each actor gave, throughout the night I was moved emotionally by every single one.  

The cast was able to use a variety of tones and methods to present the call-to-action that each short play presented. There was comedy and there was drama, and the very real topics being discussed in the shows were balanced with the comedy in a way that the shows never felt heavy. Though the theme of each show was linked, the night of short plays felt very connected through the acting and the message being delivered. They never failed to make it feel like one performance despite the show being a collection of short plays.  

Though the set design was minimal and bordering on a little boring, the actors were very well able to demonstrate what was going on, and each show felt grounded in its settings.  

I hope every audience member learned something after attending this performance and feels just a little bit more hopeful in the face of the ongoing climate crisis. These shows certainly helped boost my confidence and made me feel a little less down about it. BSU Theater put on an incredible performance, both due to the message of the collection of plays and the amazing performances of each actor. I am excited to see what BSU Theater puts on next.

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