Ode to Maya Hawke

I recently stumbled across my “Ode to Valentine’s Day” from this time last year. Oh boy. I genuinely laughed. No, not because I find myself funny, but because when you learn more about yourself, it makes looking back on your past-self that much more cringeworthy. I wrote in the Ode, “I’m literally the most non-girlfriend […]

Ode to BSU’s In’s and Out’s

Welcome back Bears! I hope everyone had a great break, but now that we’re all back there’s something important we need to discuss. Let me set the scene—it’s a Wednesday night at 9:00 P.M. I just returned to campus, and as I went to park in a silly little Weygand spot, there was nothing. Which […]

Ode to Decision Making

I have this problem where I quickly make decisions that don’t always work out for the best. I’d like to think of myself as a cool, calm, and collected person who partakes in rational decision making, but if I’m being completely honest, that’s not entirely true. I have this mindset where I think that spur […]

Saltburn: A Provocative and Unnerving Masterpiece

I can honestly say that Saltburn is one of the most bizarre films I have ever watched, and I don’t know if I loved it or hated it.  Let me start off by talking about what was appealing about this movie. For starters, the cinematography was phenomenal. Watching the movie felt like watching artwork move, […]

Ode to Cats

I think I’ve created a name for myself among my friends. A reputation. A concept that comes up on my friends’ For You pages that they always share when they see it. I am a cat lady. No, don’t worry, I don’t have 15 cats (yet), but I do have one perfect angel child named […]

Ode to Internet Stalking

As I am sure you all can tell, writing is my thing. I’m majoring in public relations and minoring in writing studies, a pretty typical path for people interested in writing. Despite the track I’m on for my future career, I think it’s time I start re-evaluating my plans and take a deep dive into […]

Venture Out for Homecoming

Whether you are an incoming first-year, a transfer student, or are a returning student that has not gone yet, this is definitely your year to experience Homecoming! Keeping in mind my experience from last year, here are some recommendations for fun activities and events to check out during this year’s celebration. Although this event does […]

(Fang)irling over Erin Faria

You may recognize Erin Faria (‘24) (she/her) as an RA on your floor or maybe even as one of your Honors Program peer advisors. Soon, she is to become Van Helsing. Erin is currently double majoring in theater education and secondary education and has been a part of BSU Theater since her sophomore year. Erin […]

Ode to Procrastination

This is my formal statement of recognition that I am indeed a procrastinator. I’ve never had a problem getting stuff done too late, which is consistent with the fact that I am currently writing this after the due date for our articles (sorry Hannah). But yes, I am every teacher’s worst nightmare and my own […]