Seasonal Horoscope: Sagittarius (Nov. 22nd-Dec. 21st)

By: Stefanie Baptista

Campus Life Editor

Sagittarius season. It’s here. Do you know what the meaning of Sagittarius is? It means “the Archer.” Congratulations, you have a Taylor Swift song named after you. You were ready for combat, and it led you to winning the game of life.

You’re a fire sign. No, I don’t mean “you’re fire” as in “that’s fire” or “you’re hot,” I mean that the symbol that represents you is fire. Real, flaming fire. You’re kind of hard to handle and you burn people a lot, which isn’t cool (ba dum tsss). I know that sounds hypocritical since I’m the Sun, a ball of fire in the sky, but still, stay away from me. Boundaries man, boundaries. 

I can tell that your energy will bring you far this season. Literally. You’re probably going to cover a record amount of ground this month. Sit down, twinkle toes. Take a breather. 

The stars are also telling me that your humor will bring you to new places this season. Everyone enjoys your quick wit and cleverness, it shows your level of intellect without outright saying you have “great and unmatched wisdom,” because only complete a**holes say that kind of thing. But no sane person would say that, right? 

I know you’re a very “go with the flow” type of sign, which can be good, but maybe consciously remember to stop and look around this season, Sagittarius. Life is going to be extra merry and bright soon and who knows, you might want to enjoy the (sleigh) ride.


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