Season Two of TLVM Roles A Nat 20

The Legend of Vox Machina is an animated show based on the first campaign of the players of Critical Role.

Critical Role is a streaming-based D&D group composed of famous voice actors. With this background in voice acting, it’s natural that they all voice their own characters for the animated show.

The show’s stunning locations build a setting that feels like out of a fairy tale. The incredible voice acting has kept me hooked on every moment. It brings a great mix of violence and heart so any audience member can find a part to love.

As someone who became a giant fan of the first season despite not having watched much Critical Role, I would say anyone can enjoy this fantastical show. The second season has completely lived up to my high expectations of the first. 

With this being the show’s second season, it seems to focus a lot more on building out the expansive world built in the campaign. Within these first three episodes, the characters have journeyed throughout the world.

Some of my favorite moments this season have been the conversations between siblings Vex’ahlia, a half-elf ranger played by Laura Bailey (She/Her), and Vax’ildan, a half-elf rogue played by Liam O’Brien (He/Him). This season seems to be focusing on their history together in both beautiful and heartbreaking ways.

A major theme of the first three episodes of this season has been having hope when facing impossible odds. The characters that have been showcasing this the best have been Pike, played by Ashley Johnson (She/Her), and Scanlan, played by Sam Riegel (He/Him). 

Pike is a gnome cleric with a kind heart; she is incredibly optimistic about the group’s chances and has been incredibly firm in their dedication to winning. Scanlan, a gnome bard who loves to make a joke, on the other hand, is much more pessimistic about the group’s chances. He believes that they would be risking their lives with no chance of living. The group grapples with these feelings. In a moment where they feel like they can’t fight back, they look back at what they achieved in the first season and say if not us, who will. I found this scene incredibly inspirational. 

Overall I’d give this start to the season a 9/10.

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