Scream VI Ghostface takes New York

The Scream franchise has returned with its 6th installment. As a giant fan of the Scream franchise, I was incredibly excited to see this movie. This time, Ghostface takes on New York City. 

The movie follows returning characters Tara Carpenter played by Jenna Ortega (She/Her) and Sam Carpenter played by Melissa Barrera (She/Her). They play two sisters who have become the new targets of Ghostface and the overall Scream franchise. They have moved to New York City with two other characters from the fifth movie Mindy Meeks-Martin played by Jasmin Savoy Brown (She/Her)  and Chad Meeks-Martin played by Mason Gooding (He/Him) for college.

This movie directly talks about all of the previous movies so I wouldn’t watch it without being caught up otherwise all the previous killers will be spoiled. If strapped for time I’d at least recommend the first and fifth movies as background knowledge before watching this movie.

I thought this was a great follow up to Scream 5. With Scream 5 defining itself as a “requel” and  a “reboot sequel”, this “requel sequel” does great with both directly referencing  Scream 2, where the original characters go to college, and making new choices with Ghostface as a villain, especially with the new setting in New York City. 

The chases and fights throughout were very well done. The movie does a great job of balancing scares with fun meta-humor. 

This is also the first movie that doesn’t have Neve Campbell (She/Her) return as Sidney Prescott. Leaving Courtney Cox (She/Her) as Gale Weathers the last surviving legacy character in this movie. This definitely implies the movie to be a transition to the new characters and their futures rather than the original characters.

I did think the final reveal of Ghostface was a bit lackluster when I first watched the movie but the more I think about the movie as a whole, the more I like the reveal. 

I would say this movie does well to fit in with the other scream sequels and does a great job of modernizing the franchise. I’d rate it a 7/10.

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