This Is Why Paramore Is At Their Best

The newest album from the pop-punk darlings Paramore is This is Why. Paramore currently consists of Hayley Williams (She/Her), Taylor York (He/Him), and Zac Farro (He/Him).

This is Why is their sixth album. It has ten songs and is thirty six minutes long.

The album was released after a five and half year hiatus following the band’s last release After Laughter. While After Laughter was a very pop-centric record, This is Why is Paramore going back to their rock roots. 

Some of the themes Paramore tweeted the album would cover are “Complete and utter apathy”, “Deep-seated vengefulness”, and “Nostalgia for things you’ve not yet experienced and did not know you even wanted to”. 

Each song feels like it is dripping with emotional energy. Previous fans can definitely find aspects from this album reminiscent of their past eras, but also with many new parts to differentiate it from the rest of their music. 

My favorite songs off the album are “Running Out Of Time” and “Crave”. 

What I loved about “Running Out Of Time” was how it would go from an upbeat chorus to the slower verses giving the song its own warped sense of time. Within the lyrics is Williams singing about how someone keeps running out of time to do what they want to do and making excuses for it and how that affects their life. I found the lyrics to be very relatable as someone who also always feels like they are always running out of time.

What I loved about “Crave” was how the song’s lyrics talk about craving to be in a happy moment from a memory. It also talks about how when someone is happy with their current life, hard moments from the past are hard to regret since it is how they got to their current happiness. I found this song to be incredibly uplifting and such a cathartic way to view happiness in spite of hardship. 

This album is a wonderful window into many of the feelings these past few years have brought up in me, I would give it a 10/10.

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