The Impact of Child Fund

Over the course of Spring Break, I traveled to three different states to see concerts performed by the same band. However, it wasn’t for the shows themselves, but to volunteer for an organization called Child Fund. A Christian organization that helps children in poverty in 24 third-world countries, Child Fund works to get the youths food, clean water, and a quality education. To participate in the program, people sponsor a child in one of the countries that Child Fund is involved in.

During the intermission periods, I and other volunteers would head to a section of the venue to hand out packets containing information about a child who could potentially be sponsored. I handed out packets at all three concerts to interested parties, but one on occasion I almost ran out of packets. Normally, this might be a bad thing but I was overjoyed, because it meant that so many were willing to sponsor some of these kids!

The concert goers that decided to sponsor a child or two would then proceed to the Child Fund tables and fill out their payment information. The people who sponsored a child received a CD of the band’s most recent album, as well as a chance for their entire party to meet the band, as an incentive to participate in the program.

The headliners were the Newsboys, a Christian band known for their hit song “God’s Not Dead”. Along with the band, former Audio Adrenaline singer, Adam Agee, would sing a few songs before the Newsboys came on. At any other time during the concert, I was able to just enjoy the show, so long as there were people covering the Child Fund table in case people wanted to sign-up outside of intermission. A cool part about the experience is that volunteers get to move around rather than stay in the same spot, so long as you weren’t underfoot and didn’t interfere with the concert itself.  

Child Fund is a fantastic organization for those who want to help children in third-world countries.  Personally, I have volunteered at nine different concerts in seven different states, including Connecticut, and there are so many different reasons as to why I love volunteering with Child Fund whenever I attend these concerts. To me, it’s always worth the trip to help children worldwide. 

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