Worst Team Super Bowls (Foolish Edition)

We all know what the Super Bowl is, right??? It’s the annual NFL game that determines the very best of the league from that particular season, and the fan atmosphere and the commercials are what make it the juggernaut that it is.

We all seen the best teams duke it out in the Super Bowl, but what happened if the Super Bowl was instead played by the worst teams in each conference. We all know that would never happen in real life, but let’s say hypothetically the NFL changed it rules like they do with the kickoffs and the hip drop tackles and made it the worst teams of the AFC and NFC Conference.  

I’ll go with the last ten super bowls, and then I would say who would win based on the worst of the two, sounds contradictory but this is the Foolish Edition so I’ll write what I want.  

First we go to the 2013 season, we have the most surprising worst team in the NFL at the time in the Houston Texans, coming off two straight seasons in the playoffs. Then we got Washington, who had to deal with the injury to quarterback Robert Griffin III. The starting QBs would be Case Kennum and Kirk Cousins, both QBs who would later play for the Minnesota Vikings. Obviously, Keenum is the worst QB in this matchup so I’ll go with the Texans to win the Super Bowl.  

Then in the 2014 season, we will get a matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans. The starting QBs will be Zach Mettenberger and Mike Glennon. Mettenberger would not win a single start in his career but he would bring home the trophy for winning the Super Bowl.  

In 2015, we will get the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys, with starting QBs Mettenberger and Brandon Weeden, and Mettenberger will take his 2nd straight Super Bowl. In 2016, it will be the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers. In this universe the Browns will have a lot of Super Bowl rings, and they’ll add one to their collection, they’ll win in 2017 too against the New York Giants.  

In 2018, it will be the Arizona Cardinals with Josh Rosen and the New York Jets with Sam Darnold, in a true battle of the first-round busts, Rosen will take the cake. In 2019 it would be the Cincinatti Bengals and the Washington Redskins, the starting QBs would be Brandon Allen and Dwayne Haskins, and I would go with Haskins on this one.  

In 2020, it’ll be Jacksonville Jaguars and the Atlanta Falcons, Jaguars would be an easy win with Gardner Minshew as QB. In 2021, it will be Jaguars and Lions, the Lions will win with Tim Boyle as the QB. In 2022, it is the Texans and Panthers, with the Texans winning the matchup.  

Finally in 2023, it will be the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. I will give the honor of Mac Jones being the MVP, and winning the Super Bowl for the Patriots.  

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