Netflix Cracking Down On Password Sharing

Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or any other streaming service, there’s a good chance you aren’t paying for it. Personally, I’m only paying for one of the four I currently use. However, with Netflix’s upcoming password sharing crackdown, people like me are going to have a tough time with trying to catch up on their Netflix binges.

Netflix had put out a statement on their site’s help center which outlined how they would crackdown on password sharing. Since they can keep track of what devices are connected to the service and whether or not they’re in the account’s household, they’ll be using the data from this to restrict those who use it consistently away from the household. So, people who are away from home, like college students or people who work away from home for long periods of time, and consistently using their household’s account are required to check-in within every 31 days at their household’s Wi-Fi.

With this comes the issue of college students who at a long distance away from their household. Sometimes, they can’t afford to go home monthly to just check-in at their Wi-Fi to keep watching Stranger Things or Wednesday. While it is plausible for someone like me, who goes to college an hour away from home, to do these check-ins, there’s a good chance many people don’t have such a privilege. Even then, as the semester goes on I’m much less likely to visit home and there’s a not-so-rare chance of me not coming back to check-in within 31 days.

Not only that, but with how often Netflix cancels any show that doesn’t blow up in popularity, it feels like a lot of effort for the service.

As expected, people on Twitter were quick to respond to the statement with outrage against the change. A few of these responses pointed out the irony of the crackdown with a 2017 tweet from the company themselves.

In this tweet Netflix said, “Love is sharing a password.”

While Netflix, according to Streamable, has since removed their statement on their help center that incited the controversy, they still are planning on rolling out the crackdown effort as it already is implemented in other countries.

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