The Importance of Human Respect

There are many things in life that I deem as difficult, even impossible. Lifting a car? No way. Passing a logical reasoning course? Yeah, right. Everyone has their own opinions on what they deem as difficult to achieve, however, I find it particularly intriguing that some people consider something I find very easy to be rather difficult:

Basic human respect.

Yes, I said what I said. I mean, take a look at this country right now. We have politicians going after trans and LGBTQ+ rights at all sorts of ridiculous angles. There are way too many anti-trans and homophobic people in office. I’m all for people having their own opinion, but when it comes to using your opinion to harm others, then we have a serious issue.

It’s funny how much people are against representation of queer people. I love being a part of the “sensitive” generation when an old white man freaks out over someone in drag. I’m talking to you, Gov. Bill Lee. Honestly, if you want to talk about “abusive” representation being pressed onto the young minds of our country, then at least extend the conversation to hetero-normative representation.

Seriously, those having a meltdown over a drag queen literally slaying are the same people feeding into toxic masculinity. Men must be strong, willing to throw a punch, head of the family, and the money maker. This mindset is drilled into young minds. Think back to when you were a kid, boys making fun of other boys for doing something “too girly” and getting berated with awful comments.

Imagine the uproar if gyms began shutting down in an attempt to lessen toxic masculinity. What? You think that’s an over dramatic response? Yeah, imagine how we must feel right now about drag shows being banned. 

Even when it comes to pronouns, people have a problem. I’m a cis-gendered girl who goes by she/her and never once have I had an issue with someone asking me my pronouns. Sorry if that wasn’t normal 50 years ago, but welcome to 2023 where people are finally given the freedom to feel comfortable identifying how they want to.

Even if you’re like me and never had a pronoun change, you need to understand that pronouns mean a lot to people in their identity. It’s the same thing as people being identified through their religion. It’s a part of their identity that they should be proud to share. I’m not a religious person in anyway, but I’m not going to degrade your religion just because I don’t agree with it. Same goes for pronouns.

If you take anything away from this, learn to put things into perspective and stop hating when someone tries to be who they are.

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