An Assembled Review of The Creator

Following suit of the recent trend of more original new films is Gareth Edwards’ (he/him) The Creator, which, while following plenty of sci-fi tropes, is a small breath of fresh air for films. It was pleasant to see a new sci-fi film in theaters that isn’t tied to a previously established piece of media, and feels no need to try stretching itself out to a sequel.

It’s compact and quite the decent watch, with a combination of moments that make you laugh while also having some solid, serious moments. This doesn’t always work as there are points where the tone does feel inconsistent, coupling serious moments a little too closely to a short joke. This was also somewhat weakened by a few line readings that fell a little flat to me.

Besides that, I will definitely compliment the stellar production design and VFX work on display in this film. The world here is a good blend between a utopian setting and a cyberpunk dystopia, having plenty of set pieces that are just great to look at. Then there’s the VFX here which was flawless with the coolly designed robots and “simulants” being the main showcase for it, having these complicated designs that, for the “simulants”, also include human elements. However, the more crudely designed robots still portray such a great range of emotion that they still feel empathic. It’s a movie that I would recommend seeing in theaters for sure, running it at 4/5 robotic companions.

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One of my earlies memories was watching stories unfold on a small TV in my room. Ever since then, I've always wanted to become a filmmaker to put stories of my own onto all manner of screens. Being a fan of writing alongside this has also led to my love of writing analysis/reviews on the things I view. It's a joy to share to others my thoughts and insights on media.

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