Award Show Drama

Wondering what’s happening in the cinematic awards world? Let’s go over what has happened so far. 

The 2024 award season has quickly approached making headlines on the news and still has more to come. The new year has brought new media to the big screens in theaters and at home, and many have had mixed opinions on not only the nominees, but the events themselves. There have been a multitude of exciting announcements as well as controversies to start off the season and we suspect many more are to come.

The award shows viewership took a decline in recent years and has especially been highlighted this year. Many argued that they never knew the shows were going on in the first place. With the lack of advertising and fewer people watching television at all, the views for these events have had an ultimate lack of interest and major disapproval.

Mixed opinions about how long the award shows last to how overly saturated they can last have ultimately turned audience members off from sitting through the event. Not to mention, the quick and easy access to shortened clips online the day after has convinced most people that the shows are not worth watching in full.  

Many noteworthy and groundbreaking shows and movies were celebrated from The Bear created by Christopher Storer (he/him) that won six Emmy awards and more, as well as many different awards and nominations for Barbie and Oppenheimer; two of the most popular movies of the nominees.

Although many famous faces were present, the hosts of a few of these events stole the show. Comedian Jo Koy’s (he/him) poorly received jokes at the Golden Globes caused lots of backlash online and in return comedian Chelsea Handler (she/her), hosting the Critics’ Choice Awards, seemingly poking fun at her ex’s failed comedic monologue. This season’s award shows brought entertainment to all who tuned in, whether it was worthwhile or not; this will only be the beginning. 

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