Top 5 Reasons to Join The Comment

By Nick Jordan
Opinion Editor

1: It’s a platform to get what you want out to the school, no character limits whatsoever.

2: The Comment has been an institution on campus since 1927. Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? Time for a reboot!

3: Interested in writing as a career? Let The Comment expand your portfolio and use your pieces to impress potential employers!

4: We meet every Thursday at 6PM on the top floor of the RCC in our writers’ room. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and bounce ideas off each other.

5: Students can work their way up to a paid editorial position. And they said there are no careers left in print media anymore…

To find out more about writing for The Comment, please join us for our weekly meetings on Thursdays in RCC 200 or contact us here!

 The most recent issue of The Comment, hot off the presses. Photo: Holly Pearson
The most recent issue of The Comment, hot off the presses. Photo: Holly Pearson
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