Plant-Based Boom Lands at B.S.U.

Fake meat has finally made its way to B.S.U. Well, at least one that is promoted as such. The Dunkin Donuts franchise located in E.C.C. is one of many locations nationwide selling the Beyond Sausage Sandwich. Originally tested in Manhattan, this rollout follows Burger King’s success with the Impossible Whopper, a fake-meat take on its most popular hamburger. It also comes amid a sense of impending turmoil within industries featuring animal-based products. Dean Foods, the largest dairy company in the United States, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy while demand for dairy alternatives made from nuts, oats, etc. continues to grow. The same can be said for plant-based meat. According to NBC News, citing a new study conducted by market research firm The NPD Group, sales have risen from $118.7 million in 2017 to $192.1 million this year so far with brands like Beyond and Impossible leading that charge.

First and foremost, it is important to note that this sandwich is not vegan as real eggs and cheese are used. Nonetheless, for those looking for a vegetarian option while still having that meaty element, this most certainly fills that void. The fake sausage used holds up well texturely compared to fake burgers that, at least in my experiences, have had a stringy inside texture that is less convincing. Flavor-wise it is also very convincing, with a smoky, almost mapley flavor and satisfying juiciness that even its real meat counterpart can often lack. Nothing to say about the egg and cheese, honestly. They’re just there. I’m curious to see if somewhere down the road plant-based versions of both, which already exist, could make their way into the sandwich to make it a truly vegan experience.

While I was not given the sandwich by Snoop Dogg, as advertisements have shown, I was just as happy to be served by the student employees working behind the counter. They always manage to be playful and engaged whenever I go there and for that they deserve a lot of credit especially when they clearly juggle this with their academics and other responsibilities.

It’s not often that newspapers are considered trendy these days but we have always been plant-based, just saying…

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