West Bridgewater’s “Star Drifter” is on the Fast Track

By Nick Jordan

Opinion Editor

Hot off of their live performance in WBIM’s brand new studio, making the duo the first to do so, local band Star Drifter has released a new album, titled “Daredevil” that indicates a future that will send them around the world and back, but on their own terms. As their name suggests, their sound has a spacey feel to it. Listen to the album’s namesake track and I dare you to not get the chorus stuck in your head. Truth is, it’s impossible. Placed fourth amongst the ten songs produced, it contains a modern beat with a cool 80s flair. The second track, “Look out the Window,” is perfect for late night car rides when you are, yes, looking out your window (that is, of course, as long as you aren’t the one driving). As for its fifth track, “Remember When,” I really enjoy 85% of it. Only when the chorus is first introduced does the duo lose me. The flow just isn’t there at that part, and there’s a tad too much autotune for my liking. This tuning was used for effect, of course, as they make clear they have more than capable voices. It’s a rare point in the album where perhaps their lower-budget production is exposed. Otherwise, I love the piano placed in there. There’s just that one part in “Remember When” that I would like to forget. Later on the album, “I Was Yours” perfectly mixes drums, jazzy undertones and some rap to create what is probably the most fun track of the album to sing along to. The closer, “Songbird,” is incredibly mellow without being forgettable. It feels very reflective, giving listeners the opportunity to look back on the journey the two just took them on. It’s amazing how despite being based just a town over, Star Drifter is able to send its fans far beyond where they are. It is reminiscent of some of David Bowie’s most famous tracks. As he proudly says, “We can be heroes, just for one day.” Or, in their case, ten tracks. Daredevil is available now on Soundcloud and on their YouTube channel.

Nick Jordan is the Opinion Editor for The Comment.


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