Dolly Parton’s Rockstar Rocked My World

Dolly Parton (she/her) is many different things. She is first and foremost: MOTHER. But she is also a country legend, philanthropist, activist, and also a rockstar. Oh, you disagree? Tell that to pop artist P!nk (she/her) who inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. In response, she released her debut rock album Rockstar this November. Featuring her original song “Rockstar” which is quintessential Dolly Parton camp, this album consists of twenty-nine covers of iconic rock songs, many of which include the original artists.

With thirty-one guest artists, this album is as large in scale as only Dolly Parton can do, I mean, who could say no to her? From Paul McCartney (he/him) and Ringo Starr (he/him) to Lizzo (she/her) playing the flute in “Starway to Heaven,” this album is star-studded.

I would talk more about the amazing featured artists but I don’t have the word count. There was one major dissapointment. Dolly Parton has been an ally for queer and trans folks for a long time, recently saying in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter “I know and love them all, and I do not judge….That’s who they are. They cannot help that any more than I can help being Dolly Parton” regarding the anti-trans bills being proposed in her home state, Tennesee. That being said, one of the featured artists on Rockstar is Kid Rock (he/him), who infamously shot at Bud Lite cans after a paid partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney (she/they). Hopefully, this is due to contractual obligations, but as a fan, it was a little disheartening.

The music itself is just as good as you would expect. Classic rock songs with a Dolly twist? Absolutely. There is something for everyone on this album as well, with all different genres and eras of rock being represented, you are likely to find at least one of these songs appealing! Please, go and listen to Rockstar!

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