Texts With Maddy Issue 1

Question: I have to take a super boring class for my major, and I can barely stay awake during the lectures!! Do you have any tips for getting through a class you can’t drop? – Suffering Senior

I am WITH YOU! I have a class that is required for my major but I can’t stand it! Something that helps me pay attention is taking notes. I think sometimes it’s easy to avoid paying attention in a class that I don’t find interesting (I am a serial 2084 player), but if I am taking notes it kind of forces me to pay attention! And you get to feel accomplished by having a full notebook at the end of the semester. But if you’re like me, that isn’t always possible. I personally love to doodle in class! It keeps my hands and eyes focused so I can pay attention to listening! While I won’t have the best notes to look back on, I feel like I can really absorb the information! Best of luck!

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