LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has officially joined the LEGO canon as of this month! The game offers many new features not seen in the original 2005 release of LEGO Star Wars, the most notable being actual dialogue. The story is able to be much more complex, utilizing more than just various grunts and other vocalizations. While most players already know the story, it’s especially fun to get into more details of the characters and plot!

An upgrade I really enjoyed was the open world maps. Major settings from the movies can be explored and are riddled with puzzles and side quests of their own, adding an entirely new element to the game I already loved as a kid! Not only does it give you quests to pass the time between levels, but it creates an entire set of objectives to complete after you have ended the main quest line.

One of the other new additions that got me excited was the elevated combat. In 2005, you just smashed two buttons over and over again. Now, melee attacks have a variety of combos to figure out, and most of the characters have special attacks that can only be done with that avatar. Above all else, shooting now requires aim, something that was sorely lacking in the original 2005 release. The improved gameplay makes the game way more fun and challenging than the original.

When I first began my playthrough I was having issues with the new shooting, as well as the flight mechanics. The default settings are extremely sensitive and difficult to work with, so it took me a few tries to change them to what worked for me. 

I loved this game and thoroughly enjoyed playing it! However, I do have one major criticism: There is no co-op option!! Unlike most of the LEGO games and the original LEGO Star Wars, you can’t play with a second player. When I discovered this, I was heartbroken! The ability to play with a friend is one of the best parts of games like this!

Although there are some issues with the mechanics, this game was extremely fun to play. Not too challenging, and it was very exciting for my inner eight-year-old, who was absolutely in love with the original!

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