Godspell Review

This past weekend marked the opening of BSU’s Godspell written by John-Michael Tebelak and Stephen Schwartz and directed by Jim Quinn. The show is a retelling of the parables from the Bible as told through song and dance. Though to some this may sound uninteresting, the music is really fun to listen to and you don’t need to have a knowledge of the Bible at all to enjoy this show! This show is very colorful and fun to see!

The show is very ensemble heavy, as most of the cast is on stage for the entire length of the show. Because of this, everyone in the cast had their time to shine. Not only that, there were a few times where I found myself paying more attention to the company cast than the leads! Usually, I would shout out a member of the cast to congratulate them on an exceptional performance, but instead, I want to bring attention to the entire ensemble cast. I think they made the show!

The music in this show is also ensemble heavy. The harmonies in this show were super tight making for a beautiful and full sound, and each solo was clean. The music in Godspell is beautiful and fun, and the cast did a great job in executing that sound.

One thing I loved was the costumes. They were colorful, unique, and in some cases a little weird. It gives an overall sense of playfulness and excitement among the characters, some of which I believe are to be portraying children at times. One thing I think might have been difficult to read as an audient member was the use of masks. About half of the cast had on specific masks, these later are used as a detail to show the change in mood among the cast. However, I think this detail was lost and a bit confusing after talking with other audience members. To me, I think it would have read more clearly if the whole ensemble cast used these specific masks rather than only some, as it felt uneven at times.

Overall this show is a great watch. The cast is incredibly talented and worthy of your patronage. They obviously put an insane amount of effort into this production and it paid off. Godspell was a fantastic performance from the BSU Theater Department. Though this show may feel unreachable to some because of the religious content, I highly suggest you see this show on its closing weekend. Audience members don’t need to be Christian to understand or enjoy this show, as it is more about the sense of community that religion brings rather than religion itself. Bravo!


I would give the show an 8/10! Be sure to catch shows at the BSU theatre from April 28th to the 30th.

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