JoJo See-Ya Later

It is impossible to describe all of JoJo Siwa’s (she/her) controversies in one article, so to make a long story short, I am very tired of seeing her name in YouTube thumbnails and TikTok captions. While I will not deny that she has done a lot of good with her platform, such as speaking out against homophobia and transphobia, she is not wholly good. As a former stan, here is the (abbreviated) downfall of JoJo Siwa.

Siwa has found herself in some heat on messy lesbian TikTok more than once. Some people call her exes speaking out against her online a way to get attention, but others see this as a valid criticism of Siwa. Regarding her dating life, Siwa admits that she’s “messy,” as said in an interview at the GLAAD awards. But, since being messy in relationships when you’re twenty is hardly controversial, let’s talk about XOMG Pop!

XOMG Pop! is a child pop group created through a reality competition show, Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution. Do we think it is hypocritical of Siwa to do this while also speaking out about being in the public eye at a young age? Yes, but we don’t have time to talk about it. Members of XOMG Pop! have spoken out against mistreatment by the producers and cited incidents of them trying to get the kids to cry for the camera. While this is contested by Siwa and her lawyer, a member later spoke out about mistreatment after a surgery and was allegedly forced to continue dancing after abdominal bleeding. Along with some shady payment allegations, XOMG Pop! has proven to be bad press for Siwa.

And then there’s Siwa’s new music video, “Karma.” It sucks, and the music video has far too much air-humping for my liking. But if you are getting mad at Siwa for changing her look and her material getting more mature and not at the above child endangerment accusations, then, and I’m serious about this: go touch grass.

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