Please Shut Up About The Ten Year Olds In Sephora

Recently people online, specifically on TikTok, have been outraged at a new invasive species: the ten-year-olds in your local Sephora. Are they annoying? Probably. Are they the actual problem? No… they’re ten.

Before you bully some ten-year-olds on TikTok, lets think about the reasons why ten-year-olds have been touching everything in Sephora with their sticky hands.

Who is in charge of them? Their parents are the adults and shouldn’t let their kids run amuck in Sephora. In addition, what kind of kids can afford the makeup they’re buying? If your rich kid privilege siren isn’t going off, then you need to get it checked. Kids who can afford hundred-dollar skincare products have probably been treated like they own the ground they walk on, which makes them entitled, but it’s not their fault.

Lastly, let’s think about why ten-year-olds feel the need to get hundreds of dollars worth of makeup and skincare. When I was ten, I was so concerned with Pokemon cards you have no idea, I was not worried about wrinkles. The online culture has shifted in the last decade, and while it has always told young girls that they are not pretty, skinny, and young enough, in a world where kids have screens in front of their faces before they can even talk, those ideas will be planted in their heads starting way younger. 

The ten-year-olds at Sephora are annoying and I won’t deny that, but they are only a symptom of a much larger problem.

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