Leave Gypsy Alone

I still don’t know how I feel about the “influencerification” of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (she/her). Should we let her do what she wants to do or should we stop supporting her so she can focus on her real life? 

If you don’t know who Gypsy Rose is, definitely look her up because I don’t have the word count to explain her story to you. But if you are unaware of her recent rise to fame, her documentary has dropped and she is promoting her new life like crazy.

On one hand, she has never gotten to be irresponsible online or do anything for herself in her entire life. But on the other hand, am I the only person who can’t see this ending well? Either she will fade into obscurity in a month after people (inevitably) stop caring or she will fall victim to the pressures and pitfalls of the algorithm. 

That being said, who honestly cares? Gypsy Rose has been a victim her whole life, and now she finally gets to be herself, and if she wants the world to know that her husband’s “D is fire”, then she is allowed to do so. 

Do I think this is dangerous? Yes. Do I think that we should start glamorizing her life? No, she still participated in the murder of her mother. Now do I think she should have served any time? Also no! But her life outside of bars is now open for everyone to see, and I’m not sure if she realizes the implications that has.

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