Timothée Chalamet Is the Younger Generation’s Stanley Tucci

With each generation emerges new, eye-catching talent in the arts. There is always a new “up-and-coming” actor or actress who makes the front page of a magazine. With their breakthrough roles, however, many actors decide to stay within the same categories of acting, doing what they’re known for. However, some break from the pattern and do something more.  

One actor who comes to mind when looking at a variety of characters is Stanley Tucci (he/him). From lively roles such as the flamboyant Ceaser Flickerman in The Hunger Games, to more serious and calculated roles such as Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada, giving stern looks and advice in the fashion industry. He freely takes on multiple roles without any bias towards them and fully puts every bit of talent into them. He manages to do all these roles while seeming to have a cool and calm natural personality. 

While being an amazing actor for his generation, Stanley Tucci can only play so many roles at one time. This is where his prodigy comes in, Timothée Chalamet (he/him). Timothée has been catching the attention of many with his newest role in Dune, a more serious Sci- Fi adventure. He fights and has very compelling and mature dialog with other characters. He completely juxtaposes this with the role of Willy Wonka in Wonka, where he is singing and dancing in a children’s movie.  

With all of these different roles being played by the two of them, they share many similarities. For one, their audience is quite literally all over the place. Different age ranges can connect from their movies from children to adults. They both speak more than one language, as well and act in a variety of popular movies, allowing fans to be from more than just in the U.S. Since they act in so many different genres, just about anyone can recognize their faces or names in a movie or show. Because of this, their fame and success has grown rapidly over the years, especially with the use of social media and interviews to boost their popularity. All in all, Stanley and Timothée have captured the attention and hearts of movie lovers, but who will be the next? 

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