A Moment For Years in the Making

While there were many amazing contestants that participated in this year’s Homecoming Pageant, as with every contest there had to be a winner, and that winner was…drum-roll please…Mariah Porter (she/her)!

An absolute fashion icon, a prominent student leader, and an all-around good person, Porter is the perfect choice to represent the school in this role. A senior, she is a Psychology Major with Minors in English Literature and Literary Studies. 

While any senior can apply to participate in the Homecoming Pageant, the event holds a special place in Porter’s heart, as it brings her back to years past, and her first time seeing the competition.

“I went for the Homecoming Court because it is something I have hoped to do ever since I saw the pageant for the first time as a first year. I have always thought it is such a cool way to show off your love for BSU and begin to wrap up your undergraduate career,” she explained.

 With more spirit than it might be possible to possess, Mariah Porter is a member and a leader to many, many, student organizations here on campus, as well as having held many different positions around the school throughout her time here. Holding numerous titles of RA, a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), and Director of New Member Education and Director of Structured Recruitment. 

Finishing off many of her accomplishments, Porter is now serving “as the Senate Chair for SGA and the Vice President of Growth for AST.” 

Upon receiving her new title as Homecoming Champion, Porter was overjoyed, and anyone could tell how much the accolade meant to the almost graduate. For her, BSU and the Bear community are a huge part of her life, and winning that crown and scepter was the best thing that could have happened. 

“I never really expected to win.” stated Porter, “Of course I wanted to win, but I did not expect that I would. I felt so filled with love and joy when I won. I felt like I was genuinely appreciated for just being myself. I have always prided myself on refusing to stray from my values or morals even if it meant I would not get what I want and winning Homecoming solidified for me that what I have been doing and remaining true to myself has all been worth it.” 

Kaitlyn Dyleski (she/her), one of the schools Center for Student Engagement (CSE) advisors, was more than willing to talk about her feelings on seeing Mariah win, having known our illustrious champion since she was a freshman. 

“I have witnessed so much growth in Mariah during her time at BSU. She has developed into a professional woman who has become more measured and reflective in her leadership style.” explained Dyleski. “Mariah is a great representation of BSU because she is like a lot of our students who celebrate, struggle, and persevere through their college experience.  Mariah has demonstrated that she loves this campus but is also willing to advocate for BSU to be better for its students.”

As an important pillar that supports our community, any Bear would be lucky to look up to. Mariah Porter. 

Wanting to leave her fellows with a last bit of wisdom before she moves on to new environments where she will no doubt continue to take the world by storm and impeccable taste, “Always stay true to you. Life can get hard and things can get hectic, but as long as you remain true to you and you can stand behind the things you say and do, then it will be okay. Things happen FOR you, not TO you, don’t forget it.”

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