Three Cheers For Bailey Cormier!

If you attended the 2021 graduation ceremony, then you would have marveled at the smooth transitions of photos on the big screens, or how all members of the team running seemed to know exactly what they were doing. This was all thanks to a student Bailey Cormier (she/her). 

Ironically, she was pushed by The Comment’s advisor, Michelle Meek, to join Marketing and Communications, otherwise known as MARCOMM. 

Bailey is a member of MARCOMM, Greek Life, ResLife, Program Council (PC), Honors Program, and a former member of the Orientation Team. Cormier has been involved in so much during her time here at Bridgewater State University, and her graduation will be celebrated, yes, but the community will be lesser without this particular Bear.

In her role as Senior Traditions Coordinator for PC, Cormier has had a hand in planning almost every one of the events put on for the graduating seniors, and she was so pleased to have done so. “Commencement ball, grad cap decorating, career essentials, a lot of the big events that seniors had heard of or attended, I was able to plan those and I am grateful for that opportunity. And it was such a great way to end my senior year, and end my time at BSU!”

Cormier decided to grace BSU with her phenomenal personality due to the opportunities that she believed that she would be granted here. Having joined Greek Life as soon as she was able her freshman year, Cormier has made so many connections with the other members of her organization, connections that will last for years and years to come. 

Charlie Peters (he/him), Cormier’s boss at MARCOMM, had nothing but praise for her and her achievements. Having known Cormier since her first semester here at BSU, Peters was happy to reminisce on his memories of the student, the first freshman to have applied for a position with MARCOMM. 

“I’ll be honest, you hear about a first-year student who’s coming in to apply, who’s just started college, you’re not sure what the skill set is going to be like. But right away, it was very apparent that Bailey was poised, had a lot of potential, and was not afraid to be assertive and share her talent,” said Peters. 

Since then, Cormier has been involved with every single project done by MARCOMM, and Peters couldn’t be more proud of her, the one student able to fill any role asked of her in the job. “I have never trusted a student employee like her because let’s be honest, I’m the only one with the social media logins,” started Peters 

“But I’ve never let a student in there because there’s sensitive information, and god forbid a student goes rogue or loses their phone…but she’s the first one, and she’s done a beautiful job with it. She’s also done something for the next generation of MARCOMM student workers. She’s shown me that, yeah, maybe students can handle this. All that said though, I don’t think we’ll have another Bailey Cormier anytime soon.” 

“She’s kind of my right-hand person. Except for the fact that I look at it more that she is a peer colleague who happens to be a student.” Peters said fondly. 

When asked what it is that she will miss the most about BSU, Cormier said “the familiarity of it all. I’ve built such incredible relationships with so many people and with so many clubs and organizations that it feels like I’m home here, and I know that it’ll always be my home, always be my second home. I refer to BSU as my second home so I think I will miss those experiences that are almost a familiarity and a feeling of home but I know that this home will always be here for me to return to.”

“I think my crowning moment is knowing that the energy of love, and passion, and compassion that I’ve put out into the world, it’s been given back to me in so many ways that I’m forever grateful,” explained Cormier

When asked if there is anything she would like to add or say to her fellow students, she joked: “Go Bears baby, that’s all I’d like to add!”

The Comment wishes you the very best Bailey Cormier, for you gave yours in every endeavor here at the school, and your legacy will remain for many years to come.

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