Farewell to Jesse Frazier

I will admit, I’m not great at writing praise. 

It’s awkward! Who really has it in them to sit around and think about the impact one person has had on them, and write about it as well? Super uncomfortable! However, there is always room for some exceptions.

And as the graduates of 2022 don their caps and gowns, we at The Comment must say goodbye to a senior that has been very dear to all of our hearts: 

Our Editor-in-Chief, Jesse Frazier!

Although the paper has faced many trials and tribulations throughout this year, Jesse has confidently led its writers with kindness, wisdom, and encouragement. 

Starting as a staff writer, Jesse quickly became a favored sports writer among the staff, able to write for both world sports and cover anything happening on the homefront here at BSU. From there he became the sports editor for a slowly blooming section which had previously only been occupied by him and one other. 

Despite the struggles of publishing online, he always made sure that the sports section was filled with interesting articles, and did lots of research and participation in on-campus sporting events just to get a better idea of what he was writing about.

Finally, he was chosen for the position of Editor-in-Chief. And I can say with the utmost sincerity, that this was the best decision for our beloved paper. Under Jesse’s guidance, we have begun to slowly rebuild our reader base and open ourselves to new opportunities through both the student body and the school itself. Organizations have once again started to reach out to The Comment in order to place an ad in our paper or to ask us to write a story about some upcoming event! 

As next year’s Editor-in-Chief, I’m both nervous and excited to see where the paper will go from here. But I am also saddened that my friend and mentor will not be there to help me figure it out. With him he will take so many memories: staying in the office until three or four in the morning working on the layout but always walking me back to my dorm to make sure I get there safely, attending the NENPA conference (and being continuously teased for falling asleep during it!), but more so than any of that he will be taking our friendship with him. 

And that is what I will miss most of all.

I have learned so much from Jesse over the course of the past year, and I will take these lessons to heart as I lead The Comment forward. From one writer to another, and from one friend to another, I wish you the absolute best in anything you choose to pursue after graduation. You will be missed Jesse Frazuer, Editor-in-Chief for the 2021-2022 year!

(Yes, we know his name isn’t Frazuer. No, we will not correct it.)

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