Ghosts (2021) Review

Wanna hear a joke? A soldier, Viking, singer, scout leader,  Native American, stockbroker, hippie, and proper lady all walk into a manor.

Oh, and they’re all ghosts. 

Did I forget to mention that part?

CBS’s hit new sitcom Ghosts has just recently completed its first season with numerous resounding reviews of excellence. The show, which is an American renewal of the British show by the same name has already been renewed for a second season, and I could not be more serious when I say that this is a must-see show!

The story follows Sam (Rose Mclver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), a New York couple who find themselves the sole inheritors of an old country home far away from their big-city lives. They have to turn it into the hottest bed and breakfast around. Little do they know, the house is already “occupied” by a motley crew of ghosts, and these ghosts are not interested in a B&B. In their (failed) attempts to spook out the couple, Sam ends up in a horrible accident that leaves her able to see these new housemates of hers. Opened up to the wacky world of the supernatural dead Sam, Jay, and their new gaggle of ghosts learns how to live with each other and their unique dispositions. What could go wrong? (Just…don’t go into the basement…)

With each episode being about thirty minutes, it’s the perfect show to watch when you’re interested in some entertainment, but not willing to commit to an hour-long endeavor that’ll leave you with some type of tantalizing cliffhanger. If you’re anything like me, the play next button is like a shining beacon at the end of every show, but with it being short I only end up wasting about two hours instead of an entire day. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass time between classes or just want to have a chuckle, Ghosts is the perfect show to watch, and once you finish season one you can join the rest of us in our impatient waiting for season two!

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