Homecoming 2021

Get ready, Bears! Something’s coming up and it’s right around the corner. Every year, we celebrate this grand and incredibly fun event. We have parties, we dress up, and we bring the family too. Bet all of you are incredibly psyched to get out there and enjoy some free stuff and people dressed in amazing costumes, because…

It’s Halloween time!!

No, I’m just kidding.

While Halloween is right around the corner, what you have to know is that the people here at Bridgewater State University do with flair and spirit that cannot be matched. 

Welcome to Homecoming fellow Bears!

The special thing about this Homecoming is that for many of our freshmen and transfers, this will be the first big event they will experience on campus. As for fellow juniors and others, this will only be our second Homecoming. After how much fun was had at the last one, we cannot wait to get this one started!

Conversations were held with Matthew Miller (he/him/his), our Director for Student Experiences in the Center for Student Engagement (CSE), and Hayden Doherty (she/her/hers), our Spirits and Traditions Director for Program Council (PC).

During our conversation, Doherty said that, “I kind of have a hand in everything, just helping out where people need me and kind of coordinating those events.”

And this is very true! Doherty, in her capacity as the head of all the event planners beneath her, is in charge of planning not only Spirit Week, but most of the other big events that students can look forward to throughout the year. This includes the Big 5, which we’ll all get to experience come Spring semester.

But let’s get back to our current awesome event information! In the week leading up to Homecoming Day on the 23rd, PC has filled the docket with plenty of events that you’re not going to want to miss. Doherty explained to me how there were months of research and planning that have gone into making this year’s Homecoming one of the best our school has ever had. 

“I’ve done a lot of research in terms of, like, what other schools do, and I have talked with Matt a lot about what traditions we can keep but also how we can make a new tradition as well, so, it’s just a lot of teamwork going on in PC right now,” says Doherty.

Courtesy of Doherty, here is a list of the events that will be taking place throughout Spirit Week, including the conclusion of the fantabulous experience on Homecoming Day.


Tuesday 19th: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Photo Novelty and Hype Table

Wednesday 20th: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, T-shirt Sales and Wear the Bear/6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Casino Night

Thursday 21st: 11:00am to 2:00pm, Custom License Plates decor/6:00pm to 10:00pm, Senior Pageant 

Friday 22nd: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Spirit Night in University Park

Saturday 23rd: 11:00 am to 3 pm, Bristaco’s Block Party & the Football game


While my personal favorite has always been Casino Night (I really love blackjack), every student should make the effort to go and see the Senior Pageant!! Watch as ten of our incredible seniors compete in three different categories: costumes, question and answer, and entertainment. 

Our Homecoming Court this year consists of some incredible individuals that you’ve definitely heard of around campus. You’re going to have a blast watching them perform and try to win your vote: Bailey Cormier, Alexander Laitinen, Luciana Griffin, Shawn Driscoll-Gomez, Eamonn Graeme, Michelle Landry, Angelie Castor, Destiny Hyman, Mariah Porter, and Malika Cruickshank.

As this is his favorite event, Miller was asked what exactly it is that the winner of the pageant gets.

“They (the winner) are crowned the Homecoming Champion, so we only have one winner, and they get their choice of a crown or tiara, and I think we have a scepter coming this year as well, and a robe, and all different really fancy stuff,” said Miller. “But really the title is what they get, there’s no real prize otherwise that goes along with it. All of the ten get something to recognize them and thank them this year for participating.”

While I’m always down to perform in return for shiny stuff, I applaud each and every member of the Homecoming Court for taking the time to make memories for their fellow Bears in a tradition that has been around for many, many years.

The week will end with a spectacular bash on Saturday the 23rd, where the university encourages students’ families and the school’s alumni to come to join in the fun along with the students. There will be interactive booths run by student organizations, bingo, football, and so much more! It’s a great event to attend with either friends or family, so for all our commuters, mark your calendar for a day you won’t soon forget.  

Also, be sure to stop by The Comment’s booth and see some of your favorite writers as well, and join us in some paper-influenced activities!

As he has been at BSU long enough to experience 16 different Homecomings, I decided to ask Miller what his favorite aspects of the tradition are. He was more than willing to let me in on his thoughts. 

“I really think it’s about the community pieces of it, the celebration of BSU,” said Miller. “It’s not anyone particular event, it’s really about how all of the different events and activities bring people together, and I also just love the opportunity for students to be able to showcase who they are through that. So whether that’s at the pageant where ten of our seniors get to show off some of their spirit, their skills, their talents, and their energy, or at Bristaco’s Block Party, as we’re now calling it, on Saturday where student organizations can showcase a little bit of who they are and share that with families and alumni. I think those types of things are really important about homecoming.” 

Doherty and Miller were also very excited to explain to me the COVID-19 prevention policies that will be enforced during the event. As a student living at BSU, it was very reassuring to hear that they were taking the health of the students and their families seriously, while still looking to make the events enjoyable for any and all participants.

“A lot of our events are going to be held outside, because personally, that’s how I feel safest, being outside and I even still like to wear my mask when there are groups of people, so definitely encouraging that and requiring that when they are inside. We’ll have stations of hand sanitizing all around, everywhere, because that’s super important as well. But yeah, just basically enforcing the school’s COVID restrictions at every event.” explained Doherty.

While you’ll probably be hearing the buzz about Spirit Week and Homecoming Day wherever you go for the next week, you can also find information on events on EngageBSU. There you will find times, locations, and get the option to be able to RSVP to events beforehand! Homecoming is just around the corner Bears, and this is one event you will not want to miss out on this year.

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