Where Is Paul Now? (Foolish Edition)

For those who are curious, the hunt for former Beatle Paul McCartney is on! The superstar has not been seen in months. For those who are not aware, there was a rumor back in the 1960s that he had died and was replaced with a look alike. The rumor persisted into 1967. Supposedly, the Beatles sent look alikes to Baltimore during the beginning of Beatlemania in 1964, however, George Harrison and McCartney refuted those claims. Extra fuel was added when Jay Marks went to McCartney’s engagement party and a friend of the band told him they replaced Paul with a look alike. The Beatles denied the rumor and eventually, Life eventually rebutted the claim and the rumor died off in 1969. 

Now, people wonder where he is. We know he is no longer with the Beatles since they broke up in 1970. We also know he was last seen on tour in Rio de Janeiro at Maracanã Stadium where he played a staggering 36 songs. However, he’s not there. The rumor going around is that he is back at his home and nothing dramatic is going on. We also know that he is not touring as part of Wings, who broke up, nor is he playing under one of his pseudonyms. We will make sure we tell you where he is in a later report. He hasn’t announced a tour for 2024, so he could just simply be spending time at home with his wife Nancy. 

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