The Greatest Film of the Year (Foolish Edition)

Tickets are unable to be found for springs biggest film

Ryan Gosling stars alongside Zendaya in a romantic slasher film where they play a serial killer couple out to see who has the most kills

“This has been one my favorite films to star in,” said Gosling last week, “Best one since Barbie definitely”

The films plot follows Danny and Maria, highschool sweethearts who are competing too see who can kill the most people before graduating. The film is a masterclass in story telling, crafting a story that surpasses any film made in the 21st century, potentially any film ever

“I honestly wish I could have crafted a story this beautiful, it trumps my work completely” Said Martin Scorcere, director of Godfather

With a score from Hanz Zimmer and John Williams its the early favorite to sweep the award shows for music, with anything less than an Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe, and a Razzy being an upset.

The Emmys have already anounced them as the winners for 2024

“Despite the Emmys traditionaly being for shows, we felt that this film warranted an emmy for its outstanding contribution to society” said Heather Cochran, president of the Emmys

The film is out now, check your local theater to see if they have it

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