Does Your Stance on Star Wars’ Political Issues Match Your Real-Life Stance? (Foolish Edition)

I tested this for myself to see if this could be true. I put six issues to the test, embracing the Force in society, trade deals under the pressure of the enemy, making clones for war, blame for if a democracy were to fall, power of the leader, or our priorities if someone important to victory goes missing. How this was measured was from one to eight. One meaning agreement with a Progressive Democrat like Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA07) with an eight meaning agreement with a MAGA Republican like Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY21). 

Scoring a six out of 48 would mean being as progressive as can be, whereas a full score would mean extreme right. If my real life and fictional score was exact, I would call it true. If it was within five percent or less, it would be ruled possible. However, if it was more, it would be considered not true, and therefore a total lie. My score landed at a plus three difference, meaning it is possible that this is true. In terms of percentage, the difference was about 2.1%. However, in terms of the reality of certain issues in the Star Wars Saga being real, all of it is a total lie. 

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